RagaBabe Organic Cotton Sherpa Inserts

Rated #1 on Diaper Pin

   RagaBabe's unbelievably soft and absorbent diaper inserts are made of 2 layers of unbleached organic cotton sherpa with 2 layers of bamboo rayon on the inside. Unlike most cotton materials, the soft texture of our inserts help keep wetness away from baby's skin.

   Our inserts do not need to be 'prepped' by repeated washings to reach full absorbency. Wash RagaBabe Inserts only once (separately from diapers) before using. After the first wash, you may wash diapers and inserts together.

   A snap on the back is designed to be used with RagaBabe's Organic '2-Step' and Snapless '2-Step'. It can be used with RagaBabe's 'Easy' All-In-One (or other brands) when extra absorbency is needed by laying on the lining.

   Diaper inserts come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Doubler/NB. The Doubler/NB is the same size as our Small insert, but thinner, and can be laid into a diaper if you need extra absorbency for nap, travel, or night.

   New! Extra Large Inserts... Designed for Size 3 2-Steps when unsnapped or snapped once. Can also be used in Size 2 when unsnapped.

   RagaBabe Doublers can be used in 3 ways:

  • Snapped into our Organic '2-Step' for newborns
  • Layed on top of another insert for older babies
  • Added to our 'Easy' All-In-One by laying on the lining when extra absorbency is needed for nap and nighttime

Extra Large Insert - Size 3 unsnapped or snapped once. Also can be used in Size 2 unsnapped.

  • Doubler/NB Insert  6.95 ea.  12 pack   79.95
  • Small Insert            7.95 ea.  12 pack   91.95
  • Medium Insert        8.45 ea.  12 pack   97.95
  • Large Insert            8.95 ea.  12 pack 103.95
  • Extra Large             9.95 ea.  12 pack NA