RagaBabe Organic Cotton Sherpa Cloth Wipes

   RagaBabe's lusciously soft reusable wipes makes baby clean-ups easy. They are made of a single layer of unbleached organic cotton sherpa. Their perfect thickness makes it easy to get in crevices for a thorough cleanup. 

   And they are great for a multitude of household tasks, including make-up removal. Use the trim color to separate tasks, such as natural for baby's bottom, lime for hands and face, teal for household cleaning. Available in 10 trim colors. Although thin, they are durable and won't won't curl up after washing.

   They are approximately 7.75" x 7.75" rounded squares and come in bundles of 10 wipes, tied with a decorative cloth ribbon. These also make great Christmas gifts!

   Buy 3 or more bundles and get 5% off your wipes. Use coupon code 3wipes5%off at checkout.

Bundle of 10  $14.95