RagaBabe Gift Card

  A convenient way to treat a spouse, family member, or friend to a gift from RagaBabe!

   Use code gift card for .95 shipping on gift cards only!  Choose the amount from the pull-down menu (starting at $5). Enter the name of the person to whom you are giving the card along with the name of the giver. Do this in the 'Notes' text box that will appear in your Cart. (Example shown below)


    We will enter the names and value on the card along with a personal coupon code. The code can be entered at checkout when shopping at the RagaBabe on-line store.

   We will mail the coupon to you, or change the shipping address to have the card mailed directly to your designated recipient.  You can also request the code to be emailed to you by emailing Joy at joy@ragababe.com with your invoice number for your gift card purchase.

   If the gift card is the only item you purchase in your order, your shipping/handling cost is 95 cents... not our Standard $4.95 US rate. You may enter the discount code gift card at checkout to provide the $4 reduction to your total order cost.  Note--be aware that the amount shown for shipping will remain $4.95 but a discount will also show.

The original purchaser of the card is entitled to a full refund within 30 days of purchase. The life of the coupon code for the recipient of the gift is not restricted. The code is for one time use, and should be used in it's entirety on a single order. (If a $50 card is used on a $38 order, send us an email with the code you used and the invoice number... we will email you a new code with the remaining balance... $12 in this example.) Customer using the coupon is responsible for flat rate shipping (and tax if an Iowa resident), both of which are not covered by the coupon code.

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