RagaParty 2019 Orders

T-shirt pre-orders are now open for RagaParty 2019!  Those not attending may also order shirts.  If you are attending RagaParty 2019 on June 20th/21st, you can purchase your shirts and use code 'LOCAL' to remove shipping since you will pick them up from HQ.  Once you have purchased your shirt/s, you must fill out the RAGAPARTY 2019 T-SHIRT ORDER FORM to let us know your size, etc. T-shirt orders must be placed by 8pm CT Tuesday, June 11th!

Diapers cannot be purchased yet (diapers will be available exclusively to RagaParty attendees).

We ask that you chip in to help cover the cost of dinner and bouncy house if you plan to attend the Thursday night group party activities.  $5 per person is the requested donation for ages 3 and up :) 

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