Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Sorry, our Reusable Cotton Face Masks are no longer available.

One FILTER will be automatically included with each mask purchase.

NO PRINT REQUESTS PLEASE!  We are limited to what we have on hand, so you get what you get!  If you need 'ear savers' or extra filters, please purchase from the MASK ACCESSORIES PAGE.

Due to the overwhelming demand, we have a LIMIT OF 2 MASKS PER ORDER, available to all adults. (No children sizes at this time).

Additional masks beyond 2 per order will be canceled without notification.  

Reusable Cotton Face Mask- $6.95 each (cost of labor and materials) plus shipping. You will receive a shipping notification with tracking when your order ships.

Our pattern uses 2 layers of 100% cotton that creates a pouch for a filter to be slipped into for optimal protection and an inserted covered wire for an improved molded fit around the nose. Our laminated polyester side panels provide for exceptional flexibility to help reduce side leakage.

Each mask comes with one filter. Additional filters and 'Ear Savers' available on the Mask Accessories page. (If you don't have a mask filter, you can use any type of 'non-woven' material, such as fabric stabilizer, Pellon, quilting interfacing, or even cut up a furnace filter (non-fiberglass!) into approx. 4"x 5" rectangles.)

EFFECTIVENESS: According to researchers at Cambridge, 2 layers of 100% cotton (with no filter added) catches 71% of regular bacteria and 51% of corona virus size bacteria. Surgical masks under the same test caught 97% of regular bacteria and 89% corona virus.

With a filter added to the mask, you can bring the effectiveness up to nearly equal that of a surgical mask. These can also be worn over the top of a disposable mask to preserve the longevity or used in areas where chances of contact with the virus are low to preserve n95 masks for the ‘front lines’.

The pleated, double layer cotton design used in RagaBabe masks is one of several designs used by the public and recommended by many medical facilities. Our masks have not been certified, but have been tested by the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. They do not guarantee protection, but the study shows that cotton masks help prevent droplet transmission, which can reduce the spread of the virus. The CDC is now recommending cloth masks to be worn by the general population of the US.


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