Golden Ticket & Special Orders

Important Note! You can only order from this page if you...

1) have received a 'Golden Pre-Order Ticket' from one of our special offers, or

2) have been given permission to order from this page through email

   If you are ordering from a Golden Ticket sale, an order number assigned to your Golden Ticket or an Overflow Code must be entered in the 'Notes' text box on your Cart Details page.  If ordering from your phone, you may not be able to see your notes, but we can! 

   Golden Tickets are non-transferable. (The name and shipping address must match the original receiver of the ticket.)

  • RagaBabe Snapless 2-Step  Size 0, 1, 2      $36.95
  • RagaBabe Organic 2-Step    Size 0, 1, 2      $39.95 
  • RagaBabe Easy All-In-One    Size S, M, L    $34.95
  • RagaBabe Easy All-In-One    Size NB          $31.95


An option to add an Overlap Strip is available for both the Snapless 2-Step and All-In-One to allow additional crossing over of the wings beyond the stars for extra-small waisted babies ($0.85). This is found in the Stocking Day Quick Pick category.

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