Psalty Series Audio CDs

 • In stock... Psalty Kid's Praise 2, 3 & Christmas Calamity

   In our opinion, some of the greatest musical productions for kids ever created, the timeless Psalty series teaches the message of God's love, charity, and Christian moral and ethical values through the adventures of 'Psalty' the talking song book.

   Produced in a way to fascinate and hold the attention of your children (without video, mind you!), the amazing cast of characters stirs the imagination through their dialog, intriguing story lines and memorable songs -- such as 'Make Me a Servant', 'Heaven is a Wonderful Place', 'In His Time' and dozens of others.

   In a world of music videos, we believe there is a unique value in these audio only CDs, which can stimulate the imagination in ways similar to reading books.

   With permission of the creators, we are stocking several CDs in the Psalty series at this time.


    Psalty 1  The first introduction of Psalty as a kids songbook, who needs kids to sing his songs. The timeless Psalty classic that lead to the creative series. A delightfully simple story with sing-along songs.


    Psalty 2  Continuing with the theme of praising God, Psalty and the kids find two kids fishing and show them how to become 'fishers of men', and introducing them to the concept of 'building your house on a Rock'. 


   Psalty 3  We are introduced to Psalty's family: Psaltina - a beautiful book of poetry, and their "booklets" - Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm! Learning about God's family, which is the 'Body of Christ'.


   Psalty 4  Charity Churchmouse is on her way to California to become a gospel singing star, but learns that to be a star in God's kingdom you must be a servant! This is one of our personal favorites!


   Psalty 5  While climbing up the mountain, Psalty and the Kids learn about the principles of problem solving. 



    Psalty 6  Through Psalty's latest invention, the 'Psaltyscope', he's able to teach kids to have a giving, missionary-like heart -- a heart to change the world, even if it's in your own backyard.


   Faith It!  A brand new 2011 release! The setting takes place in the 'Way Out Wacky Wonderful Worship Workshop' where fun inventions teach kids about God. Psalty helps kids discover they can live their lives as worship offerings every day. They learn about mountain-moving faith and trust.


   Christmas Calamity  While rehearsing their version of the Christmas Story at church, the Kids discover Psalty's pages are dusty and give him a shampoo! The pages shrink and now the music plays too fast! Psalty and the Kids learn to trust God in the midst of any circumstance.


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