Golden Ticket & Special Orders

Important Note! You can only order from this page if you...

1) have received a 'Golden Pre-Order Ticket' from one of our special offers, or

2) have been given permission to order from this page through email

   If you won a Golden Ticket for a Hipster Robot, you may purchase the size you need below from the pull-down market HIPSTER ROBOT.  After purchase, fill out the Hipster Robot custom form here.

   Golden Tickets are non-transferable. (The name and shipping address must match the original receiver of the ticket.)

  • RagaBabe Snapless 2-Step  Size 0, 1, 2      $36.95
  • RagaBabe Organic 2-Step    Size 0, 1, 2      $39.95 
  • RagaBabe Easy All-In-One    Size S, M, L    $34.95
  • RagaBabe Easy All-In-One    Size NB          $31.95


An option to add an Overlap Strip is available for both the Snapless 2-Step and All-In-One to allow additional crossing over of the wings beyond the stars for extra-small waisted babies ($0.85). This is found in the Stocking Day Quick Pick category.

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