RagaBabe Stay Dry and Cotton Liners

   NEW!  Single layer stay dry liner to top any of your cotton or hemp inserts!  Great for easier clean-ups and for babies that are sensitive to wetness.  Made from our 100% polyester suede cloth. Cut edges will not fray or curl up.

Stay Dry liners: $.95 each or 12 for $9.95  Available in neon pink, purple, aqua, red, neon green, royal and white.  2 sizes, small and large are available. 

SMALL Stay Dry liner- Use with small and medium insert

LARGE Stay Dry liner- Use with large and extra large insert

(No NB size at this time)

RagaBabe's thin, soft COTTON liners are made of 2 layers of unbleached organic cotton sherpa.  Liners and Inserts have passed the test on babies with severely sensitive skin.

   Wash RagaBabe Liners only once separately from diapers and covers before using. After this first wash, you may wash diapers, liners and inserts together.

 Our Cotton liners can be used in 3 different ways:
  • As a protective layer in all sizes of diapers to make messes easier to clean up, while adding a small boost in absorbency without adding any bulk,
  • as a newborn insert in our Size NB 'Easy' All-In-One,
  • as a preemie insert in our Size 0 Organic '2-Step' when snapped to it's smallest setting

   Organic cotton liners provide instant absorbency which is great for side-sleepers and fast wetters in preventing roll-off leaks that may occur with some diapers with 'stay dry' linings.

   Remember that a free Liner is provided with each 'Easy' All-In-One. Liners do not have an attachment snap.
Approx. 3 3/4" x 9"   2 cotton layers
4.95 ea.

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