Anchor Embroidered Custom Stocking

Stocking on FRIDAY, July 10th at 10am CT. Limit 4 embroidered with an additional 3 non-embroidered allowed.
After purchase, fill out the OCEAN CREATURE CUSTOM FORM HERE for each diaper you purchased by Sunday, July 12th at 8pm CT.  (Please note, if some featured wings deplete, we will pull them from the form).
We will leave this stocking open until we've sold the number of diapers we can process in approx. 5 weeks (could take up to 6 weeks to complete shipping on a large stocking like this).
The 4 embroidery options are:
-Sea Turtle
-Mermaid (limit is ONE mermaid per customer/household)
-'Mystery' embroidery (This one will be a surprise until you receive in the mail!) It has a fun/silly vibe, fits the ocean creatures theme and is more 'boyish', but would be a cool 'girly' diaper if you request girly colors.
Also, this is a Golden Ticket stocking for the right by buy one of our 'skid mark' rainbow scales diapers (misprint with rainbow scales in the front 2/3 of the diaper and white on the back 1/3). 3 available! One entry per diaper purchased.

Turn around time is approximately 3 weeks!

If you are new to RagaBabe custom stockings, watch this YouTube video to walk you through the process!

After purchase, you will need to fill out the Anchor Embroidery Custom Form by 8pm CT on Monday night. All who fill out their forms appropriately with no errors/changes will be eligible to win one of 3 golden tickets (right to purchase a special diaper) that will be sent out with this stocking.

You can look over the form ahead of time to plan out your designs. You can see what body options are available and look over the wing choices.

WE ARE NO LONGER OFFERING FULL OR PARTIAL SHIPPING REFUNDS!  Free shipping is applied for orders $150 or more.  You may use the coupon code 'COMBINE' if you place an additional order that is under $150 on the same day and we will ship together.

After this stocking, these embroidery options will be vaulted for 1 or more years.  Some may not return.

Embroidery disclaimer: Minor imperfections in embroidery stitching are very normal.  You may see some stitching fall outside of the border or slight gaps between border and stitching.  Breakage (minor tearing) of the fabric is also to be expected to some extent.  It is impossible to avoid completely when sewing 20,000+ stitches onto stretchy laminated fabric.  We try to pull out any with more noticeable flaws and issue discounts for 2nds, but even what passes as first quality may not always be perfect as it is just the nature of embroidery on PUL.

• We are doing a 'shell only' offer, where you may enter a discount code if you don't need an insert to come with your diaper. There is a $7 discount per diaper you want without an insert.
Enter NOINSERT1 (For 1 diaper without an insert) $7 discount
Enter NOINSERT2 (For 2 diapers without an insert) $14 discount
Enter NOINSERT3 (For 3 diapers without an insert) $21 discount, ETC.

Each '2-Step' will come standard with our Bulletproof Insert of matching size.  If our STAY DRY bulletproof insert is preferred, add it by going to the Insert Upgrade page and place in your cart. (Upgrade cost is $1.00) Number of upgrades should not be greater than diapers ordered. Additional inserts may be ordered at regular price, but are found on the Insert Collection page. Remember: No upgrades for AIOs! A liner comes with S, M, and L AIOs (not NBs).

2-Step Sizing

  • Size 0   Snapped:    4-18 lbs
  • Size 1   Snapped:    9-30 lbs
  • Size 2   Snapped:  15-40+ lbs
  • Size 3   Snapped:  23-50+ lbs

All-In-One Sizing

  • Newborn Snapped  4-12 lbs
  • Newborn Velcro      6-12 lbs
  • Small          9-20 lbs
  • Medium    14-30 lbs 
  • Large        23-40+lbs