Pacific TieDye

Pacific Tie Dye!


    Our RagaBabe Organic '2-Step' Diaper consists of a waterproof TPU cover and an organic cotton insert that snaps into the diaper. This type of system (All-In-Two) allows you to reuse your cover for multiple changes before having to wash it by simply changing out the insert after your baby wets. The cover is lined with soft, quick drying, wick-resistant suede cloth. Both our wide latex-free waistband and 'Last-Ever' leg elastic provide comfort and leak-resistant performance.

    Sizing snaps down the front along with a Velcro-style closure make it extremely sizable. The Snapless option features the look of our All-In-One (no rise snaps) with the function of our '2-Step'.

Snap Options

  • Standard-color rise snaps  $39.95 / $47.95


  • Size 0   Snapless:    9-18 lbs
  • Size 0   Snapped:    4-18 lbs                         Size 0's come with Sm Insert  
  • Size 1   Snapless:  14-30 lbs
  • Size 1   Snapped:    9-30 lbs                         Size 1's come with Md Insert
  • Size 2   Snapless:  23-40+ lbs
  • Size 2   Snapped:  15-40+ lbs                       Size 2's come with Lg Insert
  • Size 3   Snapped:  23-50+ lbs                       Size 3's come with XL Insert
Use and Care

We recommend rotating back and forth between covers throughout the day, wiping down the lining inside your cover with a wet cloth between wet diaper changes.  You will need to machine or hand -wash your cover when baby poops.

The 'ideal' stash would consist of 5-8 covers with 2-4 inserts per cover depending on the age of your child, how often your baby has messy poops and how frequently you desire to wash. Younger babies will need more covers than older babies.

 Overlap Strip
A sewn-on Velcro Overlap Strip for small waisted babies comes standard on snapped diapers. May be purchased for Snapless & All-In-Ones for $0.85 on our 'Stocking Quick Pick' page.