PokeDoodle Custom BODY Selection

Custom PokeDoodle diapers stocking tomorrow at 10am CT (Friday)!

Limit is 1 diaper per customer/household with a 10 MINUTE HEAD START given to those that have not yet purchased a custom Pokemon or Star Doodle wing diaper from the last 2 stockings.  At 10:10am, the title to the wing page will change to 'PokeDoodle Custom WING Selection OPEN' at which point, those that already have purchased a PokeDoodle custom may purchase 1 if available.

You will need to cart ONE BODY and ONE WING 'SET' on the same order.  Bodies will be purchased based on size from THIS PAGE and you will fill out a form HERE with your print/solid body choice within 30 minutes of purchase).
Body options will be available prior to 10am CT so that you may have it in your cart when the wings stock at 10pm CT.

Wing set options are: (see pictures of wing sets on the PokeDoodle Wing Selection Page)

SET #1- Double original Pokemon (12 available)

SET #2- Original Pokemon and Yellow/Orange/Red Doodles (11 available)

SET #3- Original Pokemon and Red Doodles (5 available)

SET #4- Original Pokemon and Purple/Red Doodles (5 available)  Gengar wing.

SET #5- Splatter Pokemon and Green Doodles (2 available)

SET #6- Splatter Pokemon and Original Pokemon (7 available)

SET #7- Newborn SNAPPED ONLY Splatter Pokemon and Original Pokemon (1 available)

SET #8-  Newborn SNAPPED ONLY Double Doodle (Purple/Red/Yellow cut 3 available)

SET #9-  Newborn VELCRO ONLY Double Doodle (Purple/Red/Yellow cut 2 available)

The ONLY NB SNAPPED diapers that will be available for this stocking  must have SET #7 or SET #8 wings.  Velcro NBs may use any wing set except Sets  #7 and #8.

You may NOT use the combine shipping code to combine with a previous order for this stocking (only for multiple orders placed the same day).

There is a $5 up-charge for this custom stocking.


   Each '2-Step' will come standard with our Bulletproof Insert of matching size.  If our STAY DRY bulletproof insert is preferred, add it by going to the Insert Upgrade page and place in your cart. (Upgrade cost is $1.00) Number of upgrades should not be greater than diapers ordered. Additional inserts may be ordered at regular price, but are found on the Insert Collection page. Remember: No upgrades for AIOs! A liner comes with S, M, and L AIOs (not NBs).

  • Size 0   Snapped:    4-18 lbs
  • Size 1   Snapped:    9-30 lbs
  • Size 2   Snapped:  15-40+ lbs
  • Size 3   Snapped:  23-50+ lbs

All-In-One Sizing

  • Newborn Snapped  4-12 lbs
  • Newborn Velcro      6-12 lbs
  • Small          9-20 lbs
  • Medium    14-30 lbs 
  • Large        23-40+lbs

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