RagaBabe Gender Reveal/Baby Announcement Diapers

Embroidered gender reveal diapers will be open the last Friday of each month!  Gender Reveal orders will close on Sunday evening.  YOU MAY NOT PURCHASE IF YOU PURCHASED THE LIMIT OF 2 PER PREGNANCY.

Find out the sex of your baby with RagaMail or announce your baby's gender at birth with the perfect first diaper!  Limit 2 TOTAL per customer/household for expecting parents. (Must be currently pregnant or adopting to order).  ALL GENDER REVEAL DIAPERS WILL BE SIZE NEWBORN, EITHER SNAPPED OR VELCRO.

After purchase, you must fill out the GENDER REVEAL FORM HERE to select your body, snapped vs velcro and let us know your overall taste within 3 hours.  If you do not fill out the form, we will choose those details for you.

-If you know what you are having, simply select baby's gender. 

-If you are doing a true gender reveal, after placing your order, email joy@ragababe.com (have a friend or your doctor send it if it is a surprise) or mail in the results of your blood test or sonogram to the address listed below.  Be sure the same name that is on your order is the name that is on your email/mail and note 'Gender Reveal' (followed by your invoice #) in the subject of the email or somewhere on the outside of your mailing envelope. 

  Please allow approx 1-2 weeks for your reveal diaper to be processed as these are made to order! If needed sooner, please make that request on the form and we will do our best.  Matching shirt is not an option at this time.

  You may choose from the following options that will embroidered on the diaper:

1)'It's a Boy' cloud design

2) 'It's a Girl' cloud design

3) True Gender Reveal cloud design ('Boy' or 'Girl' will be sent depending on results we receive by mail or email).

4) Girly Baby Feet design

5) Boyish Baby Feet design

6) Neutral/Rainbowy Baby Feet design

7) True Gender Reveal Feet design (Boyish or Girly colors depending on results we receive by mail or email).

Cost of Gender Reveal Newborn diapers is $45.95

RagaBabe is not responsible for inaccurately given 'gender' results.

If sending results by mail, please send to the address below:

RagaBabe, Inc.

Gender Reveal

113 S. Main St.

Maquoketa, IA 52060


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