RagaBabe Gender Reveal/Baby Announcement Diapers

   Find out the sex of your baby with RagaMail or announce your baby's gender at birth with the perfect first diaper!  Limit 2 per customer/household per baby.

  After placing your order, email joy@ragababe.com (have a friend or your doctor send it if it is a surprise) or mail in the results of your blood test or sonogram to the address listed below.  Be sure the same name that is on your order is the name that is on your email/mail and note 'Gender Reveal' (followed by your invoice #) in the subject of the email or somewhere on the outside of your mailing envelope. 

  If you already know your results and are ordering as an announcement diaper, please make a note at checkout to let us know if it is a boy or girl.

  Please allow approx 1 week for your reveal diaper to be processed as these are made to order!

  You may choose from the following options that will be printed with heat transfer vinyl on the bum of your 'grab bag' style boyish or girly diaper.

1)'It's a Boy!' or 'It's a Girl!' (depending on the results) $37.95

2) Stork flying with 'Baby Boy' or 'Baby Girl' (depending on the results) $37.95

3) It's a Boy/Girl diaper with 'Baby Boy' or 'Baby Girl' NB T-shirt $47.95

4) Stork with Baby Boy/Girl diaper and matching 'Baby Boy/Girl' NB T-shirt $47.95

Diaper Body, shirt color, print color, wing print will vary!  The pictures are examples of what Gender Reveal diaper could look like, but each one will be a little different.  Body will most likely be a solid color or non-busy print so the message can be read clearly and wings will be a 'girly' or 'boyish' print.  Feel free to note your taste!  'Pretty', 'simple', 'matchy', 'funky', etc. or if it is for a 'rainbow baby' (a baby born after a loss) so we can incorporate rainbow snaps or colors.

*NOTE- Our use of heat transfer vinyl for printing on diapers is a rather new development that is still in the testing phase.  Test diapers have been through 30+ hot washes and many trips through the dryer with fabulous results thus far.  The long term results are unknown at this time, but we feel confident in the quality of this method of customization at this point especially given the purpose, which is the exciting experience of announcing/revealing a new baby!

RagaBabe is not responsible for inaccurately given 'gender' results.

If sending results by mail, please send to the address below:

RagaBabe, Inc.

Gender Reveal

113 S. Main St.

Maquoketa, IA 52060


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