RagaBabe LARGE Hanging Diaper Laundry Bags

   Our RagaBabe custom Hanging Waterproof Laundry Bags are designed to keep smell and wetness on the inside until wash day! A perfect solution to replace a traditional diaper pail. And they are great for trips to and from the daycare or when taking longer road trips.

   Our waterproof laminated polyester (TPU) designer fabric bags have unique double laminated bottom corners to completely seal and waterproof the bottom of the bag.  (Holds nearly 2" of standing liquid!) Constructed with leak resistant seams and a heavy duty zipper in black or white color.

   It's sharp, RagaBabe tailored style  makes it attractive along with being functional. The web handle is great for hanging on a door knob. With the zipper located on the side, it makes adding a diaper easy, without removing the bag from the door. Just throw it in the wash with other items when necessary.

   An open pocket on the back is handy for tossing in wipes, wash cloths and cloth napkins in a separate compartment. Holds approximately 20-24 diapers. 16" x 26".  Also available without the back pocket in some colors.

Laundry Bag   $30.95.  Without Back Pocket-  $28.95

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