RagaBabe Holiday Semi-Custom 'ADD-ON's

Sorry, no longer available as of 11 a.m. CST today.

Friday at 10am CT, we are holding a Holiday Semi-Custom Stocking!  YOU be the artist and design your own diaper from a selection of 5 different body and 31 different wing options! (Some wings are very limited). This is not a 1 step stocking, please read through what you need to do!!!

Limit is 3 diapers total per customer.  You must place each semi-custom diaper order separately.  Use discount code 'COMBINE' on additional orders to discount your shipping as we will not be issuing any partial or full shipping refunds for this stocking. Semi-Customs are not eligible for free flat rate shipping for spending over $100. Full shipping must be paid on the first order. Orders from this stocking ARE eligible towards your Black Friday rewards points totals towards freebies (details on BF rewards points coming soon). After you have ordered your diapers, you need to fill out the google docs form HERE for each diaper within 1 hour of purchase.

You will need to add the following to your cart-

1) Your BODY color/print in the size you need from the 'Holiday Semi-Custom BODY Choice' page. Body color options are New Olive, New White, Bubble Gum Pink, Red or Pacific Tie Dye.

2) Optional for an up-charge. You may select to add 'bum art' to your diaper and/or choose to select your own star and snap colors from the 'Holiday Semi-Custom Add-ons' page.  Add-on options on that page are:

-Smashed Santa embroidery ($12 add-on) limit ONE per customer.  We'll allow 150 embroidered diaper sales only, so if you want Smashed Santa, be sure to be ready right at 10am CT.

-Snowflake vinyl ($7 add-on)

-Nativity vinyl ($7 add-on)

-Star of David vinyl ($7 add-on)

-Choose your snaps/star ($3 add-on)  You'll select these using the chart on the form after purchase. You may select exact snap colors placement or choose 'rainbow', 'fade', etc. and we can coordinate with your selected star color.

3) Add TWO WINGS from the 'Holiday Semi-Custom WING Choice' page- even if you are going with matching wings, you still need to add 2 as wings will be inventoried and may sell out quickly in some options. You may choose 2 of the same or 2 different wings.  See below for the list of total wings available per print. Be sure to have a back-up option ready in case you see the inventory issues screen.

There will also be a 'GRAB BAG' wing option listed if you would like for us to design a diaper for you!  When you fill out the form after the stocking, you will be able to give us more details as to what you want (Christmasy, winter, matchy, fugly, girly, boyish, etc.) for the grab bag option.  We will use the wings pictured (or similar) for the most part but not guaranteed.

ALL OF YOUR PARTS FOR EACH SEMI-CUSTOM DIAPER (body, 2 wings and any 'add-ons') MUST BE ON THE SAME ORDER! Bodies and add-ons will be stocked ahead of time (at 9am CT) so you can have them ready in your cart before the wings become available at 10am CT.

We’ll cut off sales when we've reached a number we can process in plenty of time for you to receive before Christmas (expect approx 3 weeks processing time).


Vintage Christmas- 20
Christmas Lights- 21
Silver Glitter- 18
Cartoon Santa- 10
Blue Lace- 6
Crazy Santa- 10
Reindeer- 20
Penguins- 7
Red Glitter- 8
Red Shimmer (matte glitter)- 7
Red/Olive Plaid- 7
Rudolph- 7
Marshmallows- 7
Flannel Plaid- 20
Gnomes 25+
Christmas Sweater 25+
Fire Trucks- 25+
Argyle 25+
Green Glitter 25
Navy Glitter 25+
Light Blue Glitter 25+
Red/Green Glitter 25+
Green Stars 25+
Bells 25+
Christmas Trees 25+
Snow Yeti 25+
Blue Star 25+
Elephants 25+
Christmas Mermaids 25+
Christmas Plaid 25+
Blue Snowflake 25+
Foxes 25+

  • Size 0   Snapped:    4-18 lbs
  • Size 1   Snapped:    9-30 lbs
  • Size 2   Snapped:  15-40+ lbs
  • Size 3   Snapped:  23-50+ lbs

All-In-One Sizing

  • Newborn Snapped  4-12 lbs
  • Newborn Velcro      6-12 lbs
  • Small          9-20 lbs
  • Medium    14-30 lbs 
  • Large        23-40+lbs

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