RagaBabe Personalized Doll Diapers

   Selling Black Friday at 9am CT...  Personalized custom designed Doll Diapers!  The perfect gift for your child who wants to change their baby doll's diaper just like mom and dad do! 

   Not only can you have your child's (or doll's) name vinyl heat transferred onto a special RagaBabe diaper, but you also get to help design it!  Each diaper will be made to order, created by YOU from dozens of options of diaper bodies and wings.  Playing designer is half the fun!

YOU choose:

Name inside star on bum of diaper (child's name, doll's name, nick name, last name, etc.)

Color of diaper 'body'- Select from the form, any print or solid we have available in Newborn velcro size.


Here are the packages that are available:

1) Diaper shell (Newborn velcro size with no snaps) and liner- $42.95

2) Diaper shell (Newborn velcro size with no snaps), liner and wet bag (slightly larger than a wipes bag and  $51.95

How to place your personalized Doll diaper order...

Complete your order and then FILL OUT THE CUSTOMIZED DOLL DIAPER FORM to let us know your wing choice, the name you would like on the bum, diaper color, etc.

RagaBabe doll diapers are made with the same high quality as our regular diapers with a few differences to make them more 'play friendly'.

-Velcro closure and lay in liner (no snap for the insert)

-PUL inner lining (rather than suede cloth) which is better for play because it will stay nice and clean looking without frequent laundering.  You may wash doll diapers as needed

-Sized like a newborn velcro diaper without the sewn in soaker.  Includes an overlap strip to make more sizable for a wide range of doll and stuffed animal sizes!  No rise snaps on these doll diapers.

 **If you are wondering if these doll diapers would be suitable for an actual newborn baby to wear, the answer would be most likely yes.  Just keep in mind that the PUL lining on the inside wouldn't be quite as soft around the elastics as suede cloth lining.