Rainforest Tie Dye

   RagaBabe's Rainforest Tie Dye is available in Size 0 and Newborn of 2-Steps and 'Easy' All-In-Ones.

   This exclusive RagaBabe print was designed by Andy Yoder, Joy's husband.

Size 0 & 3 '2-Step' options:

  • Yellow or Red star - Red lining
  • Jade or White star - Gray lining

Size 1 '2-Step' options:

  • Yellow or Red star - Red lining
  • Jade or Black star - Gray lining

Size 2 '2-Step' options:

  • Jade star - Gray lining
  • Neon Green star - Neon Green lining
  • Red star - Red lining

Newborn Snapped All-In-One options:

  • Black or Jade star w/Organic Cotton lining

Small All-In-One options:

  • Yellow, Red, Jade or White star w/White lining (no snaps)

Medium All-In-One options:

  • Yellow, Red, Jade or Black star w/White lining (no snaps)

    Large All-In-One options:

    • Jade, Neon Green, or Red star w/ White linings (no snaps)
       Each '2-Step' will now come standard with our regular BULLETPROOF Insert of matching size.  If our Stay Dry BULLETPROOF or Stay Dry Hemp/Cotton Inserts are desired instead, be sure to add them by going to the Insert Upgrade page and place in your cart. Number of upgrades should not be greater than diapers ordered. Additional inserts may be ordered at regular price, but are found on the Insert Collection page. Remember: No Insert Upgrades for AIOs! A Liner comes with S, M, and L AIOs (not NBs).

    2-Step Sizing

    • Size 0   Snapped:    4-18 lbs
    • Size 1   Snapped:    9-30 lbs
    • Size 2   Snapped:  15-40+ lbs
    • Size 3   Snapped:  23-50+ lbs

    All-In-One Sizing

    • Newborn Snapped  4-12 lbs
    • Newborn Velcro      6-12 lbs
    • Small          9-20 lbs
    • Medium    14-30 lbs 
    • Large        23-40+lbs

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