Specialty Print Wipes Bags/Stocking Stuffers!

 Our zippered RagaBabe Wipes Bags are perfect for going out or traveling and taking your wet cloth wipes with you! Also perfect for lots of other uses... Filling with small toys or candy for Christmas stocking stuffers, Pencil bags for school, first aid kit for home or for the car, cosmetic bag, snack/sandwich bag and more! 

These bags will be made to order.  Orders for these specialty print bags will be open Black Friday at 10am CT through Sunday at 11pm CT!

   Made of waterproof laminated polyester with leak-resistant seams. The small snap handle can fasten onto your purse or diaper bag.  If you plan to use them for pre-wetting wipes for on the go, we recommend sliding your wipes bag into the back pocket of your RagaBabe 'Take-Along' or 'Day Out' Wet Bag so the moisture doesn't wick onto clothing in your diaper bag through the zipper.

   Holds 10+ wet wipes of RagaBabe Wipe size.

   10" x 6". Available in Select colors/prints.