TIE DYE SKULLS DIAPER and WET BAG PRE-ORDER OPPORTUNITY!!!  Turn around time for this pre-order could be UP TO 3 MONTHS to receive a shipping notice, so purchase sizes accordingly!  Pre-order will close Sunday, February 24th at midnight CT.  This is for Tie Dye Skulls body and custom wings.

We will order the amount fabric to be printed and laminated based on the number of diapers ordered.  Very little extra will be ordered, so this print will not be available for purchase at other stockings after this pre-order.  This fabric is more expensive, so we have added a $2 FABRIC UP-CHARGE to the normal custom diaper cost. A larger up-charge also applies to Tie Dye Skulls wet bags.

Embroidery designs on these diapers are yet to be determined.  You may opt out of embroidery once we have all the details and we'll refund the embroidery charge, but you may not add embroidery later. 

Once we have fabric in hand, we will post pics of the embroidery and a Google Docs Form for you to select your custom wings, etc.  At this point if you NEED to make a size change, you will be able to do so, but we want to make as few size changes as possible.

We will NOT be issuing full or partial shipping refunds for this pre-order if you place multiple orders.  You may use code 'combine' to discount shipping on additional orders after full shipping has been paid.   Please do not combine this pre-order with other in-stock items unless you are willing to wait.

*The fabric up-charge is non-refundable.  If you need to cancel for any reason after the pre-order closes, you will not be refunded the $2 up-charge per diaper.

Limit of 10 Tie Dye Skulls Diapers and 6 bags from this page!

• We are doing a 'shell only' offer, where you may enter a discount code if you don't need an insert to come with your diaper. There is a $7 discount per diaper you want without an insert.
Enter NOINSERT1 (For 1 diaper without an insert) $7 discount
Enter NOINSERT2 (For 2 diapers without an insert) $14 discount
Enter NOINSERT3 (For 3 diapers without an insert) $21 discount, ETC.

Each '2-Step' will come standard with our Bulletproof Insert of matching size.  If our STAY DRY bulletproof insert is preferred, add it by going to the Insert Upgrade page and place in your cart. (Upgrade cost is $1.00) Number of upgrades should not be greater than diapers ordered. Additional inserts may be ordered at regular price, but are found on the Insert Collection page. Remember: No upgrades for AIOs! A liner comes with S, M, and L AIOs (not NBs).

2-Step Sizing

  • Size 0   Snapped:    4-18 lbs
  • Size 1   Snapped:    9-30 lbs
  • Size 2   Snapped:  15-40+ lbs
  • Size 3   Snapped:  23-50+ lbs

All-In-One Sizing

  • Newborn Snapped  4-12 lbs
  • Newborn Velcro      6-12 lbs
  • Small          9-20 lbs
  • Medium    14-30 lbs 
  • Large        23-40+lbs

Bag Sizing-

Large Hanging Laundry Bag - Holds approximately 20-24 diapers. 16" x 26"

Medium 'Day Out' Bag- Holds 7-10 diapers. 13" x 18"

Small 'Take Along' Bag- Holds 2-4 diapers.  9 1/2" x 12"

Extra Small 'Wipes/Pencil' Bag-Holds 10+ wipes of RagaBabe Wipe size.  10" x 6"