Used diapers for sale

I'm continuing my used diaper destash today, November 2nd at 2:30 pm CT!  Size 1s and Size 3s will be up for grabs.   See picture descriptions and watch my live video on RagaChat for more details on condition.  Some of these are very well loved, have been on a couple of my own kids and loaned out, but are priced accordingly.  Others are like new.  Some diapers may be minor 2nds.  Limit 1 size 1 lot per person. Limit 2 size 3 lots per person. Limit 1 embroidered or vinyl diaper (whether in a lot or individual) per person. Limits off at 3pm CT. Lots are shell only. No liner with AIOs. A used BP medium insert will come with individually sold 'newer size 1s'.


From time to time, I may sell off some of my own pretties!  I'll give a heads of on the Market and Chat when I add any new listings.  I don't baby baby my diapers and some have seen a fair share of bums, but they are still pretty and will be priced accordingly :)  Shell only, no insert will be included.

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