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RagaBabe Print Variety Pack
Teal Rainbows
Blue Tie Dye
Pink/Purple/Blue Tie Dye
Tie Dye Butterflies
Gold Floral Tie Dye
Rainbow Stripe
GLOW Christmas Dinos
Winter Bears
Winter Gnomes
Winter Tie Dye
Reusable Cardbord Core

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 Cloth UN-Paper Towels are currently in stock!  Newly added, our RagaBabe print variety pack!  Includes 2 of each of UTD, Mirage, TK, WF, Planets and pink blamebob. This new flannel is EXTRA soft and fluffy and are perfect for noses, faces and bottoms!

These are beautiful, fun and easy to use and will save you money!  You may add a reusable cardboard 'core' (roll) for just $1 that you can hang from under cupboard holder, set on a stand-up holder or simply set on the counter-top and pull off the roll as needed.  No nuisance of snapping on or off, the flannel grips just enough to keep them on the roll and pull off easily. Can also be used as dinner napkins, or hankies.  These make great gifts!  You may add the 'No core needed' option to your order if you don't need it and want to save the waste!

1 Roll (12 count towels):  $23.95.  Add a reusable core for $1!

Size 10"x11". Made of 100% Cotton Flannel.

Purchase 3 rolls today and save $3 using code 'nopaper'. Turn-around time is 1-2 business days unless combined with a custom order.

IMPORTANT PREPPING INSTRUCTIONS!  To get your cloth towels ready to absorb, follow the following steps before use.  Add a large squirt of dish soap (Dawn works great!) to a tub or large bowl.  Add hot water and your new towels.  PREP TIE DYES SEPARATELY AS THEY WILL BLED DURING FIRST PREP!  Mix/stir them around briefly to be sure the soap is mixed and soak over-night.  Rinse out the soap in the sink and wash/dry as usual!  You may need to repeat this 'oil strip' every 3-6 months if you do a lot of greasy clean-ups.

Detergent without softeners is recommended as it will affect absorbency.

For best care: Wash warm. Tumble dry medium.