RagaBabe Stocking Day Info

What and when are Stocking Days?

Diapers are always available in our Currently Available Diapers collection, but new prints, colors, and embroideries and an opportunity to design your own customized diaper occur on 'Stocking Day'. These diapers will appear in the Stocking Day collection on the home page.

This occurs periodically, and will be announced on our home page banner one or two days in advance. Dates and times are also posted on RagaBabe Facebook and RagaChat Cloth Diaper Forum (Facebook group).

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'RagaMoms' have enjoyed challenging their creativity by creating beautiful one-of-a-kind diapers from our varied collection of body and wing prints -- and adding a newly released embroidery to the bum.

These custom options are easily selected on an online form after your purchase (see videos at bottom of page).


Current customers know that depending on the print and size, things can get a little hurried on 'Stocking Day'. We attempt to fill the need, and most customers can purchase a diaper, but certain options may become sold out quickly.

Try to get your order in at the beginning of the stocking time. If during the checkout process you receive an 'Inventory Issues' alert, you may have to go back and choose another option.

There may be diaper 'limits' on stocking day, so be aware of that in the product description.

It is good to have any 'Insert Upgrades', extra inserts, or accessories such as wipes, bags, etc. already in your cart before the stocking begins. That will allow you to complete the checkout process sooner.

Joy explains how to customize a diapers purchased on Stocking Day in the videos below. (Click on the quick overview or longer detailed version)