How to Buy a Diaper

Helpful Tips to order Currently Available & Stocking Day RagaBabe Cloth Diapers

RagaBabe diapers are currently available on our store in various sizes, colors, and prints. New releases are placed in stock on 'Stocking Day' every week to 10 days. They are found on the 'Stocking Day Quick Picks' page.

Current customers know that depending on the print and size, things can get a little hurried on Stocking Day. Most customers can purchase a diaper, but certain options may be sold out quickly. Try to get your order in at the beginning of the stocking time.

Here are some helpful tips and screen shots if purchasing RagaBabe products for the first time...

1) Log in ...if you have an account. If not, you can create an account at checkout.

2) Empty your Cart of any unwanted or unavailable items. (Cart will retain products not purchased until removed.)

3) If purchasing on Stocking Day, you may want to Add any accessories to your cart (such as Insert Upgrades) so you are ready to check out when diapers are stocked.

4) Open the product page of the diaper desired. (On Stocking Day, it will be found on the 'Stocking Day Quick Picks' page. It will say Sold Out before stocking begins and again when all diapers are sold.)

5) Refresh the page every few seconds (as stocking time approaches if buying on Stocking Day) until the cost appears. Select your style from the pull down menu.

6) Click ADD TO CART.


 7) Continue Shopping or CHECKOUT. (You may adjust the quantity of a specific diaper in CHECKOUT. Remember... The quicker you get from Cart to CHECKOUT, the better! So don't take a coffee break with items sitting in your Cart! ;)

8) If you see an 'Inventory Issues' alert, that means an item in your cart is out of stock. You will be asked if you want to remove / reduce the quantity of that item from your cart. After responding, you could Continue Shopping or continue the CHECKOUT process.

9) Enter Customer Information if you don't have an account.

 10) Click Continue to shipping method

 11) The correct Shipping method for your location is automatically selected. (If you are a Canadian or other International customer, see our Shipping page for additional important information.) Click Continue to payment method.

12) Enter a Discount code if applicable to your purchase.

13) Select Payment method. Enter credit card information or choose to debit your PayPal account.


14) Click the correct billing address. (Enter if different from shipping address).

15) Click Complete order. An email will be sent to confirm your order.