FAQs (Start Here!)

1. Where do I begin?

    Right here! Welcome to RagaBabe! Read through these questions to guide you step by step to learn...

    • why RagaBabe?
    • how to use our site,
    • how to order,
    • and how to use RagaBabe diapers and accessories.

      Our goal is that you would 'Love Cloth Diapers' by providing one of the highest rated diapers available anywhere, along with caring honest service to you!

      2. Why RagaBabe instead of a hundred others?

      Find four main reasons here.

      3. What do others say about RagaBabes?

      Read our most recent customer comments and reviews here.

      4. Should I go with '2-Steps' or 'Easy' All-In-Ones?

      Many moms use the '2-Step' because the outer shell can be reused several times during the day by just replacing the inserts. It also offers a greater range of sizing as baby grows my using the rows of front snaps. Our '2-Steps' are available in four very adjustable sizes -- 0, 1, 2, & 3. Read about '2-Step' Features and Use here.

      On the other hand, some moms prefer our All-In-Ones because of the simplicity of the built-in soaker. An additional insert can be used with an AIO for great nighttime absorbency. Read about 'Easy' All-In-One Features here.

      5. How do I purchase a diaper?  Do I need an account?

      You are given an opportunity to create an account during your first purchase.

      Diapers currently in stock are found in the 'Currently Available Diapers' collection on our ShopRagaBabe home page. Browse the various prints and colors of 2-Steps & All-In-Ones on the product pages. The photos and pull downs will display star, wing, and snap options. When selected, these pull down options will either show a price or 'Out of Stock'.

      For helpful tips and screen shots of the checkout process, go to our 'How to Buy a Diaper' page.

      6. What and when are Stocking Days?

      New prints and colors, or customized versions of former releases occur on 'Stocking Day'. These diapers will appear in the 'Stocking Day Quick Picks' collection on the home page. This occurs every week to 10 days, and will be announced on our home page one or two days in advance. Dates and times are also posted on RagaBabe Facebook. Sign up on our Email List to get automatically updated on stockings, specials and promos. Find this on the 'footer' of our store.

      Current customers know that depending on the print and size, things can get a little hurried on Stocking Day. We attempt to fill the need, and most customers can purchase a diaper, but certain options may become sold out quickly. Try to get your order in at the beginning of the stocking time. If during the checkout process you receive an 'Inventory Issues' alert, you may have to go back and choose another option. Occasionally, there may be diaper 'limits' on stocking day, so be aware of that in the product description.

      It is good to have any 'Insert Upgrades', extra inserts, or accessories such as wipes, bags, etc. already in your cart before the stocking begins. That will allow you to complete the checkout process sooner.

      In addition to diapers, 'The 'Stocking Day Quick Picks' collection will also include a few commonly purchased accessories. These are also found in separate collections on the home page.

      7. What does shipping cost?

      We utilize the United States Postal Service.

      Shipping to the United States, it's Territories, and APOs/FPOs (military bases) costs $3.95 for orders under $100 and are shipped FREE if $100 or over.

      Shipping to Canada costs $9.95*, and other international shipments cost $17.95* (*2 pound limit at this rate). We allow Canadian and International orders to bundle multiple orders in the same stocking for a reduced 'combined shipping rate'. See important details about non-US orders on our Shipping page.

      If you are an international customer and have read about combining multiple orders in the same stocking on our shipping page, here is the Post-Order Modification Form.

      8. After I order, how will I be notified?

      • Order Confirmation email from order@ragababe.com
      • Payment Status/Confirmation from service@paypal.com
      • Shipping confirmation including USPS tracking number
      9... and beyond are currently being updated to include common questions about diapering with RagaBabes.