Performance / Fit / Style

So why are thousands of Moms and Dads using RagaBabe Cloth Diapers as their #1 choice?

Design an amazing form... and you get amazing function. Over 300 prototypes gave birth to RagaBabe's highly acclaimed '2-Step' and 'Easy All-In-One' diapers... created for unsurpassed performance with exceptional fit and style -- simply unattainable by other typical high production, serger sewn diapers.

Secondly, design is joined with a family of high quality materials, such as our custom knit TPU outer shell and stay-dry linings, wide latex-free back elastic, 'Last-Ever' non-curling leg elastic and super-absorbent inserts. This places RagaBabe Cloth Diapers in the top tier for durability and highest resale value on the market.

Thirdly... With a passion to be a trend setter, not a trend follower, RagaBabe diapers became known for its bold prints and bright colors (catching the eye of moms and toddler alike), that helped forge a transformation in the diaper industry! Many RagaBabe prints are originals designed by us! And our custom body, wing and embroidery options allow you to design a truly personalized diaper during our custom stockings! These special 'stocking days' are announced in advance on our top banner, on facebook and customers are notified if on our email sign-up and facebook (RagaChat Cloth Diaper Forum).

Every RagaBabe is cut, assembled and tailored with pain-staking precision -- yes, a truly tailored diaper (unique construction from 99% on the market) - by a team of the most skilled and dedicated people you could find anywhere! Quality checked and rechecked at every step. And made right here in the heart of the mid-west USA.

And finally, we believe that our 'RagaMoms and Dads' are a great family and we strive to treat them with the honor and respect we give our own family! To provide less then caring customer service would be against everything we believe in. Do we occasionally make mistakes, yes... but our goal is always to make things right.

You can read about how we got our start on the About Us page and please use our FAQ page to get acquainted with RagaBabe!