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SIZE 2 Boy
SIZE 2 Gender Neutral
SIZE 2 Girl
SIZE 1 Boy
SIZE 1 Gender Neutral
SIZE 1 Girl
SIZE 0 Boy
SIZE 0 Gender Neutral
SIZE 0 Girl
SIZE 3 Boy
SIZE 3 Gender Neutral
SIZE 3 Girl
Newborn AIO (3 pack) Boy
Newborn AIO (3 pack) Gender Neutral
Newborn AIO (3 pack) Girl

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Stocking Day?

Starter packs in all sizes are temporarily available!  If looking for discounted diapers, another place to check is the RagaMarket- RagaBabe BST Page HERE on Facebook!

Are you new to RagaBabe and want to try some out at a discount?

Newborn All-in-One 3-pack is $88.85, a $7 discount.  Each newborn starter pack will include 2 snapped closure and one velcro closure diaper unless otherwise requested.  (Feel free to request ALL snapped or ALL velcro, etc. in the notes section, message Joy Ketelsen Yoder on Facebook messenger or email joy@ragababe.com within 30 minutes of purchase to make this request.


Each 2-Step Starter Pack includes the following:

• Two '2-Step' shells (diaper bodies) in the size and gender preference of your choice. (We will choose diaper colors/prints).

• 6 heavy-wetter inserts - 3 'Bulletproof' and 3 'Bulletproof Stay Dry' inserts in the corresponding size.


RagaBabe 2-Step Starter Pack... $104.95  A $15 discount for size 0, 1, 2. Size 3 starter pack is $118.95, a $25 discount.

No limit on Starter Packs.

One 2-Step Starter Pack provides approximately one half to one day's worth of diapering depending on baby's pooping habits.  Rotate back and forth between 2 shells with a new insert until shell is soiled.  Prep inserts by washing and drying 1-3 times before use to wash out natural oils.

*Shells or inserts may or may not be 2nd quality (extremely minor/unnoticeable flaw that does not affect fit or function in any way).

2-Step Sizing- Velcro closures with snaps on the front for adjusting size.

  • Size 0:    4-18 lbs (Includes small inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • Size 1:    9-30 lbs (Includes medium inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • Size 2:  15-40 lbs (Includes large inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • Size 3:  25-50 lbs (Includes XL inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • NB AIO: 4-12 lbs (All-in-One includes no inserts as is built-in)

Size questions? Notice there is a lot of overlap between sizes.  If looking for longevity of use, select the size that applies to your child towards the bottom of the sizing chart.  For example, a 12 pound baby would best fit Size 1.  A 25 lb baby would best fit size 2. Sizing is approximate and may vary based on build of baby.  If you are unsure on sizing, please email joy@ragababe.com.