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Our inserts are currently unavailable.  If you need inserts, please check the RagaMarket- RagaBabe BST HERE on Facebook for new and used inserts.

RagaBabe Cloth Diapers highly acclaimed line of high performance diaper inserts.

Choose from 2 styles of RagaBabe highly absorbent Bulletproof Inserts...

••  Choice 1: 'BULLETPROOF' Insert - (Comes standard with each 2-Step - 'Natural' color only)

   For heavy-wetters... The RagaBabe 'BULLETPROOF' is a thirsty insert made specifically for heavy wetters. Five layers of absorbency with Organic Cotton Sherpa on top (natural color) and Hemp underneath.

Note: It is best to wash brand new inserts 3+ times to reach maximum absorbency. This removes any natural cotton and hemp oils that may be present in the fabrics.

  A recommended nighttime combo for heavy wetters is a 'Bulletproof' Insert with a  'Bulletproof Stay Dry' Insert on top.  Remember you may need to size up your cover and inserts for overnight!

••   Choice 2: 'BULLETPROOF STAY DRY' insert option. All the absorbency of a Bulletproof insert with a layer of 'Stay Dry' fabric on top for babies sensitive to wetness! (Available in several colors.)

When you purchase a 2-Step diaper, you can upgrade the regular 'Bulletproof' insert that comes with the diaper to a 'Bulletproof Stay-Dry', if desired, by adding it separately to your cart from the Insert Upgrade page found in the Currently Available Diapers collection. (Upgrade is $1.The number of upgrades should not be greater than diapers ordered.) Additional inserts may be ordered, but are found in the RagaBabe Bulletproof Inserts and Doublers collection. Remember: No upgrades for AIOs, as there is no insert included.

Also available...

•• Doubler  - Need a little extra absorbency than a single insert?  Add a doubler! Hemp/Cotton fleece top and bottom layers; bamboo-rayon inner layer. (Available in regular or stay-dry styles.)

   Helpful hint: If your inserts are not getting fully dry in one cycle or if they are getting stuck to the inside of your dryer drum making them flat and stiff, try our Insert Snap 'n Dries!  Simply snap up to 8 inserts onto each strip to help your inserts dry quickly and keep them soft and fluffy.

    INSERT SIZING (before washing **)

    • Size 0 diaper comes with- Small Bulletproof Insert - 10.5"x 4.5"
    • Size 1 diaper comes with- Medium Bulletproof Insert - 12.75"x 4.75"
    • Size 2 diaper comes with- Large Bulletproof Insert - 15"x 5"
    • Size 3 diaper comes with- Extra Large Bulletproof Insert - 16.25" x 5"

    ** Inserts will normally shrink after washing in hot water anywhere from 1-3" depending on size. They have been sized appropriately to accommodate this shrinkage.

    Stay Dry or Bulletproof Pricing

      • Small - $9.45
      • Medium - $9.95
      • Large - $10.95
      • Extra Large - $11.45
      • Doubler * - $6.95/7.95