RagaBabe Hoodie Teaser Stocking 2022


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Toddler/Youth size French Terry Long Sleeve $42.95
Infant/Toddler/Youth size PULL OVER HOODIE, ZIP-UP or CREW $52.95
Adult Men's TIE DYE Pull-over Hoodie- $65.95 (2XL +$5, 3XL +$10 pp)
Adult Men's size Classic Pull-over Hoodie- $55.95
Adult Men's size Classic Zip-up Hoodie- $59.95
Adult Unisex Sponge Fleece Pull-over Hoodie- $59.95 (2XL +$5pp)

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What is
Stocking Day?

Day 11 is CUSTOM HOODIE DAY!  Hoodie Pre-orders open Today, Friday, September 23rd and close Saturday, September 24th at 9pm CT.  Limit 2 hoodies per customer for this teaser stocking.  Limit ONE embroidery per hoodie.

There will be another hoodie stocking later in the fall.

FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT BY TOMORROW NIGHT, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH BY 11PM CT!  Look over the HOODIE FORM HERE before placing your order to see what colors are available in what sizes/styles PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AS SOME COLORS IN SOME SIZES ARE UNAVAILABLE!  You can also look through the images of what the styles look like (or similar) and see descriptions on sizing.

After purchasing your needed sweatshirt sizes/styles, you will fill out the 'Hoodie Form' to specify your choices.  If you need a larger size than what you see available, contact me for ordering instructions and prices.

Sweatshirt pricing-

All Infant/Toddler/Youth Hoodies/Crews- $52.95
Toddler/Youth French Terry Long Sleeve- $42.95
Adult Men's size Classic Pull-over Hoodies- $55.95
Adult Men's size Classic Zip-up Hoodies- $59.95
Adult Men's TIE DYE Pull-over Hoodies- $65.95 (2XL+$5, 3XL +$10 pp)
Unisex SPONGE FLEECE (cushy soft!) Pull-over Hoodies- $59.95 (2XL+5 pp)

Ladies' V-Cut Raw Edge Pull-over Hoodies- $59.95
Ladies' Crop Pull-over Hoodies & Crews- $59.95
Ladies' Crew Neck Hoodies -  $59.95
Ladies' Classic Zip-up Hoodies- $59.95.
IF YOU DON'T SEE A SIZE THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU, PLEASE CONTACT ME! joy@ragababe.com or message me on FB.

If you order a shirt and the size does not work for you, you may exchange it for the correct size, paying return shipping both ways.  Another option would be to contact me for a new size and try selling your original on the market after I approve the remake.