Details on RagaBabe's 'Golden Ticket' Cyber-Monday Event!

This coming Monday, we'll be offering 10% off ALL Accessories!  Wipes, Inserts with COLORED STITCHING, Wet Bags, Blankets, Stay-Dry Insert Covers, NEW Insert Snap'n Dry Strips with STARS, Key Tags and more!

We will also be stocking both 'Extra' Diapers from previous stockings and '2nd Quality' Diapers Monday at noon CST.  Limits on 2nd Quality Diapers are no longer in effect.

RagaBabe Baby Doll Diapers will also be up for grabs! These are Newborn and Small All-In-Ones with elastic that is too tight for real babies (made by former contractors before our Iowa production). They will make PERFECT Christmas gifts for little ones to cloth diaper their baby dolls! No limits.  All available diapers (Extras, 2nd's and Doll) can be viewed under the Cyber Monday Collection on our store homepage.

 So what's a Golden Ticket opportunity?

   Everyone that places an order on Cyber-Monday (of any amount) can enter for a chance to buy the Golden Ticket specialty diaper '2-Face' shown below. After you place an order Monday, just fill out the form at this link: Cyber-Monday Event Form

   Include your invoice number(s) and what style RagaBabe you prefer (Size Large 'Easy' All-In-One, Size 2 Organic 2-Step, or Size 2 Snapless Organic 2-Step). If you place multiple orders, list all your Invoice #'s on the form, but only your first order will count as an entry.


   50 Golden Ticket Customers will be chosen at random and another 10 GTs will go to the customers that have been with us the longest!  You won't know if you've received a GT until you receive your shipment from the Cyber-Monday Event. If you were selected, there will be a BIG sticker inside your package with ordering instructions for your RagaBabe 2-Face Golden Ticket Diaper!