RagaBabe 2017 Black Friday Details


Shop our event for rewards and Golden Ticket opportunities
through Monday, November 27th at 9 a.m. CT.

Here's the list of what you will find available today, Tuesday, November 21 (in addition to what is currently in stock):

1) WIPES BAGS in dozens of fun prints to be used as stocking-stuffers! Fill with toys, cosmetics and goodies for your kids of all ages! Some prints are limited to 1 or 2 per print, so may sell out quickly.

2) GRAB BAG DIAPER KEY CHAINS! Buy 1 get 1 half off with our 2-pack for $25.95! You MAY put requests in the notes box for ones you like from the picture and I'll honor requests first come first serve! (not a guarantee) Also note girly, boyish, etc.

3) NEW Stay Dry LINERS! Single cut layer of our polyester suede cloth to top your cotton or hemp inserts! Add a stay dry feel and make messes easier to clean up! 95 cents each or 12 for $9.95


5) MEDIUM 'DAY OUT' BAGS in new prints -- Rainbow Galaxy, Indigo Tie Dye and OTD Stars.

Shipping on your first order must be paid, but after that you may use coupon code 'COMBINE' for as many orders as you want throughout the BF window! There will be no full or partial shipping refunds given for this event, it is up to you to remember to use the code! Code 'COMBINE' will discount your shipping and let us know to combine your orders. If you purchased from our Holiday custom stocking, you may use COMBINE on further BF orders!

BLACK FRIDAY REWARDS!!! Freebies starting at $50...

At the END of the Black Friday event, you will need to fill out a form to cash in on your Black Friday rewards points and request your free stuff!
$50+   Free Snap n Dry or 2 cloth wipes
$100+ Free Bulletproof Insert or 12 pack of Stay Dry liners
$150+ Free T-shirt (grab bag), bundle of wipes or key chain
$200+ Free Medium 'Day Out' bag (our choice)
$250+ Free NB diaper or 2-Step SHELL (you choose size/gender)
(The REWARDS FORM will not be posted until SUNDAY, November 26th and MUST be filled out by Monday at 10 a.m. CT to claim your rewards). The link will be posted on our FB page, our chat page and on our store.


Everyone who shops RagaBF can enter for a chance to win a Golden Ticket (alias GT)... a special or custom diaper that you win the right to purchase.
The Golden Ticket diaper for this stocking is a STAR EMBROIDERED BUM on your choice of solid or print body (anything that has stocked that we have available) with our NEW STAR DOODLE print wings!

There will be 30 of these GTs up for grabs. There will be a random draw for the GT winners and a sticker will be sent with your package if chosen! You MUST fill out the GOLDEN TICKET FORM to enter. I will post the link on Sunday night and you'll have until Monday at 10 a.m. CT to put in your entries! You will get 1 entry for any purchase within the Black Friday window and an additional entry for every $100 you spend (example- spending under $100 gets you 1 entry, spending $100 gets you 2 entries, spending $200 gets you 3 entries...)

All customs purchased Friday are eligible for GT opportunities and Black Friday Rewards points (for freebies) You only up your odds the more you buy! (GIFT CARDS are not eligible for Rewards or Golden Tickets.)

Find the Black Friday items listed on our Stocking Day Quick Picks page here!

Thank you! Joy