RagaBabe Stay Dry Insert Upgrade

The RagaBabe 'BULLETPROOF' STAY DRY insert is available as a $1 upgrade when you purchase a diaper. Go to the Insert Upgrade Request page to upgrade.  You can choose a White, Royal, Purple or Neon Green top.

• Remember that our regular 'BULLETPROOF' Heavy-wetter Insert comes standard with each 2-step diaper. Upgrade only if you would like to have the feature of STAY DRY fabric against the skin of baby. It has all the absorbency of a Bulletproof insert with a layer of 'Stay Dry' fabric on top for babies sensitive to wetness!

• Your insert upgrade must be on the same order (invoice number) as your diaper.  If you are buying on 'Stocking Day' requiring a quick purchase, be sure to add your insert upgrade to your cart before the stocking starts so that it will not delay proceeding to your cart!

• Please do not add more than 1 'Insert Upgrade Request' to your cart unless you have more than 1 diaper on your order. If you place on a second separate order, we will not see that an upgrade has been requested while packing your order unless it is on the same order as the diaper.