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EMBROIDERED EXTRA! Rose bloom Ladie's Large Purple/Blue Pastel Watercolor 'Funky' Zip-up (May add emb) $55.95
EMBROIDERY ADD-ON (If you'd like a 2nd embroidery) $15

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This page is for WOMEN'S SIZES.  You can fine 'ADULT MEN'S' and 'CHILD/YOUTH' sizes on their respective pages.

Hoodie custom orders open FRIDAY, February 18th at 10am CT.  Pricing includes one embroidery of your choice on your hoodie.  If you would like to choose 2 embroidery designs (for example, 'RagaBabe' on the front and 'Alien' on the hood), you will need to add the 'Additional Embroidery Add-on' to your cart as well.  Limit is a max of 2 embroidery designs per hoodie. 

We will give a 10 minute head start to customers that did NOT purchase any hoodies in our Black Friday hoodie Sale with a limit of 1 hoodie per customer during the 10 minute head start.  At 10:10 am CT, anyone may purchase up to 3 hoodies per customer (anyone that purchased one during the head start period can come back for up to 2 more and use coupon code 'combine' if you wish.


Look over the HOODIE FORM HERE before placing your order to see how the selection process works!

After purchasing your needed sweatshirts, you will fill out the 'Hoodie Form' to let me know which hoodie you purchased and to specify your embroidery choices and colors.

Sweatshirt pricing-

Toddler Pull-over Hoodies- 2T, 4T, 5/6T- $35.95
Toddler Crew Neck- 2T, 3T, 4T, 5/6T, 7T- $32.95
Infant/Toddler Zip-Up Hoodies- 6mo, 12mo, 18mo, 2T, 4T, 5/6T- $38.95
Youth SOLID Pull-over Hoodies- S, M, Lg, XL- $38.95
Youth SOLID Zip-up Hoodies- S, M, Lg, XL- $43.95
Youth SOLID Crew Neck Hoodies- S, M, Lg, XL- $35.95

Youth TIE DYE Pull-over Hoodies- XS, M, Lg- $55.95
Adult Men's size Classic Pull-over Hoodies- XS, S, M, Lg, XL, 2XL- $50.95
Adult Men's size Classic Zip-up Hoodies- XS, S, M, Lg, XL, 2XL- $55.95

Adult Men's TIE DYE Pull-over Hoodies- S, M, Lg, XL- $59.95 (2XL+$5, 3XL+$10 pp)

Ladies' NEW Lightweight Funky Zip-up Hoodies- S, M, Lg, XL- $55.95

Ladies' Crop Pull-over Hoodies- S, M, Lg, XL, 2XL- $50.95
Ladies' Classic Pull-over Hoodies - XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL- $50.95
Ladies' Classic Zip-up Hoodies- XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X $55.95.


**If you receive your hoodie and it does not work for you, it may be returned for a refund minus 10% of the cost.  Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Another option would be to try selling itl on the market.

Embroidery disclaimer: Minor imperfections in embroidery stitching are very normal.  You may see some stitching fall outside of the border or slight gaps between border and stitching.   It is impossible to avoid completely when embroidering stretchy fabric.  We try to pull out any with more noticeable flaws and issue discounts for 2nds, but even what passes as first quality may not always be perfect as it is just the nature of embroidery.  Wash cold and lay flat to dry to keep your embroidery looking flat.  If you tumble dry, you can re-wet the embroidery and lay a heavy flat item (book) on the embroidery to flatten if it starts to curl.