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All spots have now SOLD OUT.  You may only pay for a spot if you already claimed it at the original stocking.  Please fill out this form separately for each print: Custom Print Spot Information Form
You are going to want to read this! As you are aware, our time is limited to the amount of fabric inventory we have and favorite prints are dropping like flies. I have been brainstorming on how to get more bodies out there while operating with no profit. If you would like to see some NEW RAGABABE PRINTS and even have the chance to design some diapers in your own custom print, keep reading...
NOW IN STOCK are 36 spots for a limited print that you submit to RagaBabe (you can purchase a seamless file from etsy, choose a file from the RagaBabe Fabric Prints album, or take a look through print albums that other RagaMoms already have). Each spot will cost $150, which covers the cost of ONE vaulted custom diaper (no RagaParty) AND gives you the rights to purchase up to 9 more items from that same limited print (10 items total, which can be diapers, bags or a mix of both with a limit of 1 large bag. This works out to about a $10 markup over the 10 items, which is the same as our minky up-charge) I will be ordering just enough fabric for 10 items plus 2 extra yards of each customer submitted print (approx 10-12 diapers worth depending on size) to use for either a grab bag or roulette stocking. This will get some new and fun limited prints out into the RagaWorld for using and/or trading. If you don't want to use your fabric for all 10 items, you can throw it back into the pot and there will be a few more available of that print for our grab bag or roulette use. The deadline to use your print is any time in 2024, just keep in mind, there is a chance we could close before the end of next year. The small amount of profit from this specific stocking will go towards bumping up the general ragababe stock of NEW and popular rerun prints. Each of the 36 spots are listed at $0 so that you can PAY LATER. ENTER CODE 'FABRIC' TO REMOVE SHIPPING COST! $150 will be DUE BY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14TH for each limited print spot you claimed. PRINT FILES ARE DUE BY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7TH. You will email the file to Please provide a name for what you would like your print to be called and let me know if you would like your fabric to be MINKY or regular. (You will still add an additional $10 upcharge when you pay for your spot if you would like your limited print to be minky) Disclaimers: When choosing a print file, IT MUST BE 'SEAMLESS'. No religious, no controversial, no political, no copyright (Disney, Star Wars, sports teams, etc.). We reserve the right to refuse a print we feel violates any of the above. If we do not have the participation needed to fund this print run, we will have to cancel. No limits on the number of spots you can claim, but you must be able to complete payment by Dec. 14th. IF you choose a print from the RagaBabe files that I was planning to print more of, I will let you know so that you can choose something else if you want to remain more limited. BONUS: Need an extra incentive? If you claim 2 spots, you will earn a golden ticket (right to buy) one ripped custom made from your 2 limited print submissions! (No limit. 1 Ripped GT for every 2 spots purchased). LET'S HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS!