Embroidered Backpack/Diaper Bag


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Pineapple Embroidered Bag (form needed) $53.95
Pink Lemonade Tie Dye Embroidered Bag (form needed) $53.95
Pink Galaxy Embroidered Bag (form needed) $53.95
Daisies Embroidered Bag (form needed) $53.95
Smokey Camo Embroidered Bag (form needed) $53.95
Purple Galaxy Embroidered Bag (form needed) $53.95

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What is
Stocking Day?

Extras Stocking of Embroidered Backpacks happening NOW!  No limits. You will purchase the bag print you want and fill out the form with the embroidery design you would like with basic color requests!  The BACKPACK EMBROIDERY FORM will need to be filled out within 24 hours of purchase.  Turn around time will be approx. 1-2 weeks.

Use these awesome bags as diaper bags, nursery/day care bags or back backs/book bags for school!

Approx. bag size is approx 17" unless otherwise noted.

Cost: $53.95

*Hand wash.  Lay flat to dry. The embroidery on some brands is sewn over the pencil pocket on the inside flap.

Keep in mind that the embroidery may not always be perfect. Expect minor imperfections and slight border misses. They are just unpreventable from time to time.