RagaBabe Insert Snap 'n Dry

   Try the RagaBabe Insert Snap 'n Dry!  Simply snap your clean, wet RagaBabe Organic Cotton Sherpa Inserts or Doublers on to the 'Snap 'n Dry' strip before tossing them into the dryer for reduced drying time and fluffier inserts.  You may snap your RagaBabe snapped NB diapers on to snap 'n dry strips before putting in the dryer as well!  This clever little tool is a RagaBabe original idea with a patent in the works!  You will not find it elsewhere.

   Saves time and energy, helps your inserts stay soft. No more getting stuck to the inside of the dryer! Makes for a functionally cute way to store your inserts when they are dry and ready for the next diaper change.  Each strip holds up to 8 inserts.  

$5.50 each

RagaBabe Insert Snap 'n Dry is a Trademark of RagaBabe, Inc.

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