RagaBabe SMALL Take-Along Diaper Wet Bags


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California Tie Dye
Black Rainbow Stripe *2nd Quality
Night Stars

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#Blamebob bags now in stock!  #BB is a 'suspect' print that is not as durable/sturdy as our other PUL and at higher risk of 'crinkling' lamination since the laminate on bags is exposed.  These will make better bags for shells, wipes/rags or swim bags rather than using for inserts.  There is no warranty on these bags and a $5 discount!  Inner care tags will be marked and clipped.

Our small zippered diaper wet bags are a must for going out and about. Made of waterproof laminated polyester with leak resistant seams. It has a snap handle that can fasten onto your purse or diaper bag and an open pocket on the back for keeping extra wipes or liners.

Holds 2-4 diapers.
9 1/2" x 12". 


*$15.95 for minor 2nd Quality cosmetic issue (will not affect function).