RagaParty 2018 Orders

If you are attending RagaParty 2018 on July 20th, you can purchase your two custom event diapers and shirts here!  T-shirt orders MUST be placed by Thursday at 10am CT.  Fill out THIS FORM BEFORE THURSDAY AT 10AM with your specific sizes so I know what to order.  Use code 'LOCAL' to remove shipping since you will pick them up from HQ.

Diapers must be paid for by Wednesday, July 18th.  If you think you might want both embroidered diaper options we offer, go ahead and purchase both.  If you change your mind later we can always refund you.  These will need to be shipped to you, so no need to enter the 'LOCAL' code (Free shipping for $100+ does apply).

'NB/Doll' diapers will be regular Newborn snapped or velcro diapers (non-embroidered).  Limit 2.

We ask that you chip in to help cover the cost of dinner and bouncy house if you plan to attend the after-party activities.  $5 per person is the requested donation for ages 3 and up :)