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Stocking Day?

NEW PRODUCT!  Trick or Treat bags extras will stock on Day 9, Wednesday, September 21tst at 3:45pm CT!  You may not add the custom patch to these extras.

The strap is adjustable and can be snapped to the size you need, whether worn as an over the shoulder tote or a short handled carry bag.  There is 2 inside snaps for security and strength and can hold over 20 lbs.  CAN BE USED FOR A MULTITUDE OF PURPOSES, NOT JUST CANDY!

$15.95 per bag.   Use code 'bought3+'.  If you buy 3 or more AND are combining with the Halloween Stocking, use code ‘combine3+’ to discount shipping and the 3+ discount!  (only 1 discount code can be applied per order).

These will have a 3-5 day turn-around if not combined with the diaper stocking.

Approximate Dimensions:

13"x 10.5"

ANNIVERSARY STOCKING GOLDEN TICKET OPPORTUNITY!  Don't forget to fill out the '12 Days or RagaBabe Sticker Chart' here for each day you make a purchase!

 IF you do not fill out the form by the time we print out custom tickets, we will choose your patch for you and you lose the right to customize, so be SURE to fill out your forms!

For best care: Wash cool.  Hang Dry.

Keep in mind that the embroidery may not always be perfect. Expect minor imperfections and slight border misses. They are just unpreventable from time to time.