Rowdy Pants


Only 1 left!

Size Small Space Cats $45.95
Size Medium Space Cats $45.95
Size Large Space Cats $45.95
Size Small Unicorns $45.95
Size Medium Unicorns $45.95
Size Large Unicorns $45.95

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What is
Stocking Day?

Introducing Rowdy Pants! Stocking at 5pm CT.  Limit 1 per customer/household.
I've loved these pants for Ephrem for a long time now and we've been toying around with the idea of selling them if we can find the time to make them!
We're going to stock a very limited amount of them today to see what you guys think.
Cost is $45.95 and the 2 available options are pictured below (Space cats and unicorns).
We have them in the following sizes:
Small- 12mo-3t
Medium- 2t-6t
Large- 4t-Youth med
Sizing is approximate.
They are very sizable and there is no right or wrong way to wear them. Down to the ankles if you buy at the bottom of the size chart, at the knees if you buy at the top of the size chart (think Bermuda shorts) or anywhere in between! They are stretchy and comfy for easy on and off!
Pants feature 2 knee patches in the front, a star patch on the bum, contrasting stripes down the side and classic RagaBabe wide waist elastic.