RagaBabe Discounted Starter Pack

Are you new to RagaBabe and want to try some out at a discount?  This is the page for you!

Each 2-Step Starter Pack includes the following:

• Two '2-Step' shells in the size/gender preference of your choice. (We will choose diaper colors/prints).

• 6 heavy-wetter inserts - 3 'Bulletproof' and 3 'Bulletproof Stay Dry' inserts in the corresponding size.

RagaBabe Starter Pack... $104.95  A $15 discount for size 0, 1, 2!!!  No limit on starter packs.  Size 3 starter pack is $118.95, a $25 discount!

Also a Newborn All-in-One 3-pack available for a $7 discount!... $88.85

2-Step Starter Pack provides approximately one half to one day's worth of diapering depending on baby's pooping habits.  Rotate back and forth between 2 shells with a new insert until shell is soiled.  Prep inserts by washing and drying 1-3 times before use to wash out natural oils.

*Shells or inserts may or may be 2nds quality (extremely minor flaw that does not affect fit or function in any way that you will probably never notice!).

2-Step Sizing- Velcro closures with snaps on the front for adjusting size.

  • Size 0:    4-18 lbs (Includes small inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • Size 1:    9-30 lbs (Includes medium inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • Size 2:  15-40 lbs (Includes large inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • Size 3:  25-50 lbs (Includes XL inserts unless otherwise requested)
  • NB AIO: 4-12 lbs (All-in-One includes no inserts)
Notice there is a lot of overlap between sizes.  If looking for longevity of use, select the size that applies to your child towards the bottom of the sizing chart.  For example, a 12 lb baby would best fit Size 1.  A 25 lb baby would best fit size 2.Sizing is approximate and may vary based on build of baby.  If you are unsure on sizing, email joy@ragababe.com.


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