Insert Upgrade Request to come with your 2-Step Diaper

The RagaBabe 'BULLETPROOF' STAY DRY high performance insert is available as a $1 upgrade (or individual purchase on the Inserts page).  Choose White, Royal, Purple or Neon Green top with gray back.

Our regular 'BULLETPROOF' Heavy-wetter Insert comes standard with each 2-step. Upgrade only if you would like to have the feature of STAY DRY fabric against the skin of baby.

Your insert upgrade must be on the same order (Invoice number) as your diaper.  Be sure to add your insert upgrade to your cart before the stocking starts so that it is ready to go!

Please do not add more than 1 'Insert Upgrade Request' to your cart unless you have more than 1 diaper on your order.  If you place on a second separate order, we will not see that an upgrade has been requested while packing your order unless it is on the same order as the diaper.


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