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Child/youth LUX undies- $24.95
Women's LUX undies- $26.95
Child/youth SPORT undies $24.95
SNAPPED TRAINER (2nd Quality) -$33.95

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Stocking Day?

Extra trainers and undies are being sold through personal message!  If interested to see what we have on hand, pm Joy Ketelsen Yoder on FB messenger.  

After purchase, please fill out the TRAINERS AND UNDIES FORM HERE to choose your size and print within 2 days of purchase.

"Raga-Trainers"- $35.95. Snapped Trainers- $37.95...  These are NOT pull-ups. These are training underwear with absorbency and a layer of PUL behind the soaker. They catch small-medium accidents, but WILL soak through with a big accident. The goal for them is to feel the wetness while giving a window of time to save a clean-up for the floor, carpet, couch, etc. These are made of a double layer of soft cotton lycra with a sewn-in hidden bamboo soaker. They have soft, stretchy no-rub waist and leg bands. The high waist prevents showing crack!  Choosing the side snapping option is only $2 and is SO helpful for changing poopy accidents.  You can open like a diaper rather than sliding messy trainers down the legs! AVAILABLE IN SIZE 2-8.

We are offering two types of undies.  The 'Lux' is more traditionally girl and the 'Sport' is more traditionally boy, but please read the description to see which your child might prefer! (Pictures may show side snaps, but undies DO NOT come with snaps). NOW AVAILABLE IN SOME WOMEN'S SIZES.

"Raga-Lux" - $24.95-$26.95... These are ultra soft, luxurious and stretchy, now made from ONE SINGLE layer of brushed polyester/lycra fabric. The crotch has a double layer of fabric in sizes 12 and bigger!  If your kid is picky about underwear, seams, wedgies, etc., these are the undies for them! They are stretchy and sizable, likely going above and below the size ranges listed. They have ultra soft, stretchy no-rub waist and leg bands.  High rise for no crack!  AVAILABLE IN TODDLER SIZE 2 THROUGH WOMEN'S SIZE EXTRA LARGE (8).

"Raga-Sport"- $24.95... These are one soft, comfy layer of cotton lycra with a faux fly on the front. They have soft, stretchy no-rub waist and leg bands.  High rise for no crack! AVAILABLE IN CHILDREN'S SIZE 2-12.  'NO FLY' is an option on the form

Raga Undies and Trainers Size Chart:
Size 2 (approx. 18-25 lbs)
Size 4 (approx. 25-35 lbs)
Size 6 (approx. 35-45 lbs)
Size 8 (approx. 45-65 lbs)
Size 10 (approx. 65-90 lbs) 
*Women's Size 3 (approx. 90-115 lbs)
*Women's Small/Size 5 (approx. 110-130)
*Women's Medium/Size 6 (approx. 130-150)
*Women's Large/ Size 7 (approx. 150-180)
*Women's XL Size 8 (approx. 180-220) --NEW SIZE!

*Women's sizes have a double layer in the crotch.
This chart may be adjusted based on feedback. Please try on over a pair of undies first before washing. If you purchase a pair that does not fit, contact me so we can exchange (you pay shipping back, we'll cover the reship). There will be some shrinkage with the cotton (sport and trainers), but mostly in the rise/height more than on the width.

Wash cold, (warm is fine for trainers) hang or dry warm.