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Stocking Day?

 Our newest product, RAGAPADS (reusable period pads), are stocking on Friday, January 27th at noon CT! This is a smaller stocking, so pads will be sold individually with a limit of 3.  Limits will lift at 2pm CT.
Why not make your period something to look forward to with some super funky and cute pads?! These will be sold 'grab bag' style, with a variety of colorful cotton velour tops and PUL print backs and wings!
Single 10" Pad- $15.95
Purchase a 5 pack and save $5!
Purchase a 10 pack and save $5 AND receive a free wipes bag with your order!
Product Details:
This is a 10" pad with 7 compact layers of absorbency, great for a normal to heavy day of your cycle.  The wings and back are made of PUL, which is waterproof and will keep wetness from getting onto your underwear or pants.  Stays in place by snapping the wings around to the underside of your underwear.  Fold and snap it closed with the PUL to the outside to make a compact square that easily fits in a purse. This is also a great way to prevent a mess after use, snapping closed and dropping in your wet bag when out and about.
Wash and care:
Rinse pad as soon as possible after use.  Rinse with room temp water until water runs clear.  Put in wet bag until ready to wash.  Wash warm with residue -free detergent with towels or regular laundry. Tumble dry warm.
Contents: Top layer 100% cotton velour.  Inner layers 100% cotton.  Wings and back PUL (100% polyester).
Use alone or in combination with a menstrual cup!  'Liner/Light Day' Pad coming soon!